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VESI    Private network / Embedded network

Type of application required

EAP - Electrical access permit
SFT - Sanction for test
A/R/S - Auto reclose suppression
LLS - Live Line Sequence
Live Line Maintenance
LV cable jointing
VA - Work in the vicinity of electrical apparatus
High Voltage Switching
NWA - Notification of work on apparatus
PTW - Permit to work
SILV - Statement of isolation of customer low voltage supply
Low Voltage Isolation
SCAP - Statement of condition of Apparatus/Plant
Plant outage
SCADA shutdown
Work on or remove abandoned underground cables
Authority for Testing by contractors
Other (Specify below)

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(*Subject to network leadtimes, other network operations and outage notifications etc)

Application details

Customer supplied operators ? Not required    One    Two
OpsPower supplied operators ? Not required    One    Two
Permit to be issued to :

Permit Times
  Permit Interruption Time

  Permit Restoration Time

Customer outage required ? No    Yes
  Customer Interruption Time

  Customer Restoration Time
Recall time    (how quickly can you return the network)

Is there an ACCC ? No    Yes
Is there a CRAB applicable ? No    Yes
Does the application require a network patch or proposed asset (Jemena) ? No    Yes

If you have selected multiple applications ie: EAP & SFT please specify EAP Times & SFT Times above

Please email supporting documents for this application request including Maps, CRAB & ACCC to
Please email supporting documents for this application request SLD, Maps etc to