HV Customers

OpsPower offer a full range of services to HV Customers.

OpsPower provides these services to the private sector under the terms of the Victorian Blue Book Code of Practice.

  • ⬤ Switching of private customer installations for construction and maintenance access.
  • ⬤ Switching in conjunction with network activities and the requirements for the issue of Statement of Condition of Apparatus & Plant (SCAP).
  • ⬤ Issuing all relevant authorities, Access Permits, Sanction For Test, Permit to Work, SCAP, Vicinity Authority and Low Voltage Isolation and bonding statement.
  • ⬤ HV & LV instruction preparation.
  • ⬤ Line worker maintenance of your private HV / LV network.
  • ⬤ After hours and emergency call out and fault provision.

Inspection, Auditing & Reporting

OpsPower provide a professional inspection, auditing & reporting service of your HV/LV Installation that has proven to assist with the prevention of breakdowns between the annual maintenance regime.

We can provide your company with a site-specific inspection, audit & reporting document carried out quarterly to assist with the ongoing performance of your network to help prevent breakdowns and outages of apparatus between the maintenance cycle.

This is especially important for your DC systems and Earthing systems that protect the installation. Most battery systems need ongoing maintenance to keep them operating optimally throughout the year.

Our reports contain a detailed condition report of each asset including photographs to provide you with an accurate and easy to understand representation of the condition of your installation.

An audit consists of but is not limited to the following ;

  • ⬤ Alarms and Targets
  • ⬤ Battery Systems
  • ⬤ Thorough visual inspection of all HV apparatus (Poles, crossarms, insulators and conductor condition etc)
  • ⬤ Testing and working ability of heating and cooling systems
  • ⬤ Exhaust Fans
  • ⬤ AC Lighting
  • ⬤ DC Lighting
  • ⬤ Entry and Exit lighting and signage
  • ⬤ General and station security.
  • ⬤ Earthing integrity testing
  • ⬤ Vegetation control

These are all items that have proven to need ongoing maintenance and inspection prior to annual maintenance to assist with compliance and provides the best possible output of your installation. For a small cost it provides great peace of mind that the system is operating optimally.

Logging information during inspections / audits.

Monitoring at regular intervals can help detect and prevent equipment issues before they occour.